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Other ways of handling more open-ended domains included probabilistic reasoning systems and machine learning to learn new concepts and rules. McCarthy’s Advice Taker can be viewed as an inspiration here, as it could incorporate new knowledge provided by a human in the form of assertions or rules. For example, experimental symbolic machine learning systems explored the ability to take high-level natural language advice and to interpret it into domain-specific actionable rules.

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Depending on the technique used, aspects can be entities, actions, feelings/emotions, attributes, events, and more. Word embeddings are used in NLP to represent words in a high-dimensional vector space. These vectors are able to capture the semantics and syntax of words and are used in tasks such as information retrieval and machine translation. Word embeddings are useful in that they capture the meaning and relationship between words. The best part is that NLP does all the work and tasks in real-time using several algorithms, making it much more effective.

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